Anisoprint Academy: manufacturing composite materials with 3D printing.

Learning Desktop Anisoprinting: What are packs and how does the Anisoprint Academy help you to get better prints

With all the diversity of additive technologies and composites manufacturing, AM with composite materials includes even more peculiarities that are neither fully studied or familiar to everyone, nor taught at a university. 3D Printing with composite materials might be challenging, but it offers incredible benefits: Parts can easily be made 2-3 times lighter compared to metal-made at a fraction of the cost. But knowledge of certain aspects is required to succeed.

This is why we would like to share the knowledge about our technology and the best way to learn an innovative manufacturing technique is to receive it first hand. In order to understand where to start, you should learn about the “families” of products.

Desktop Anisoprinting

In an essentially novel technology with no set standards and defined benchmarks, there is a need to make sure the customers receive the best possible quality. Designing a closed system solution guarantees stability for the customer. Everything about the process can be tuned and controlled by the manufacturer.

However, it limits the possibilities of new ideas, the introduction of new materials and may hamper the growth of the technology. An open system solution would allow all of these things – but jeopardize the stability for the average user.

In order to offer you both variants and “a blend” of the two, we designed the “Packs” solutions. There are three types: NEAT, EXT, and OPEN.

NEAT - A plug-and-play-solution for guaranteed quality

NEAT includes a Composer printer (A4 or A3), printing materials (Smooth PA, CCF, Clear PETG, and CFC PETG), an Aura slicer license, beginner training, and a standard warranty. It is a plug-and-play and easy-to-use solution with a fixed material choice for a fast and reliable result. Anyone can start printing with this and be successful.


The NEAT Pack offers a closed system. The closed approach allows us to guarantee the quality of the print result by controlling the quality of all components (hardware, materials, certain software settings). We cannot do this for third-party materials, for example. So the NEAT Pack is our way to give a customer the guarantee that they will succeed. In turn, this closed system limits the choice of materials and settings available.

The contents of Neat Pack

EXT - An advanced solution with a wider range of opportunities

The EXT Pack is a more advanced solution and includes all of the NEAT benefits and adds several other features on top of it: an extended training via the Anisoprint Academy, a built-in database of tested settings for selected third party materials, that is continuously updated by Anisoprint material engineers. It allows the use of third party materials that are approved by our experts for use on our systems and includes fine-tuned profiles for a list of third-party materials. This pack has an extended warranty. This EXT Pack is suitable for users who have more demands for different material options.


This pack is essentially a hybrid of the closed and open approaches. More options are unlocked in the slicing software and selected third party materials can be used. To make sure the users are well-prepared to handle any issues that may come up, the additional training gives them the knowledge and tools they need to be confident when using their Composer printer.


OPEN - A fully open solution for research and development

The OPEN Pack is an upgrade to EXT, it includes a lifetime Aura license, giving the user full access to more than 300 settings including the ability to create their own material profiles. It also contains a warranty that covers third party material use and a comprehensive in-depth training from the Anisoprint Academy. 


An open system approach like this can be very valuable, as it allows for “infinite” material options. The users can create profiles for any third party polymer and develop and tune the settings to their liking. However, this sort of freedom also allows for far more mistakes to occur, yielding bad print results or even damaging the printer. That is why having certain knowledge is the key to success here. The OPEN Pack includes a two day training to explain the difficulties that may occur and how to overcome them. It supplies all the knowledge necessary to easily and confidently navigate the complex slicing software and achieve great print results. 

The OPEN Pack is a perfect match for advanced users that want full control of their printing process, for R&D companies or universities and anyone wanting to explore new use-cases such as printing with metal wires.


Anisoprint Academy - Additive Manufacturing training with OKM

To ensure the best training experience for our users, we launched a joint educational project with our strategic partner OKM3D: the Anisoprint Academy. The training courses have been designed by experts with more than ten years of experience in composite materials development. The Anisoprint Academy was specifically designed to encompass all the knowledge needed for using the EXT and OPEN packs. The Anisoprint Academy offers on-demand live online courses: depending on the pack, the course takes one or two full days.

OKM3D team

About this Course

This course is designed for users who want to become experts in composite 3D printing with the Anisoprint Composer, using live online lectures and interactive Q&A sessions. Topics include: Composites, Anisoprint Technology, AURA Slicing Software, Materials, Manual Fiber Path Planning, Surface Quality Improvement, Advanced Design, and more.

Skills you will gain

  • 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforced composites  
  • Working with different printing materials
  • Design for composite parts
  • The knowledge necessary to manufacture high-quality and high-performance parts

Your instructor

Sven studied industrial engineering at the University of Bayreuth and already focused on novel 3D printing processes in his master’s thesis. After finishing with his studies he joined OKM3D to create training content surrounding 3D printing. Over the course of a year he worked closely with the Anisoprint engineers to develop the Anisoprint Academy trainings.


EXT: one full day training

OPEN: two full days training (includes EXT)

Enrolment options

Novice user: contact us to get a quote to purchase a Composer.

Started anisoprinting: contact your reseller to receive the access to the Academy and book your training.

Frequently Asked Questions

After purchasing EXT or OPEN pack, please contact your reseller and receive your ticket for the training. Use it to enroll on the Academy website.
English and German, but will be localized into more languages gradually.
Basics of FDM 3D printing or basic knowledge of 3D printing technology Engineering background Preferably experience with the NEAT Pack and CFC printing (please check the NEAT training on our website). A stable internet connection and at least 14” screen size, else some of the writing during the online live training may be difficult to read.
Yes, we will share the recording with you right after the training.
No, it is best to focus fully on the content of the training and then use the recordings to go through some of the steps with your machine at your own pace later.

Any questions about the Anisoprint Academy and Packs? Contact us:

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