Clevis for production line of dairy brand | Anisoprint

Clevis for production line of dairy brand

Production downtime reduced from 3 months to 6 hours; the printed clevis has longer lifespan due to its resistance to peroxide hydrogen

The dairy brand company uses a clevis fixture at the production line. The clevis moves through, catches a yoghurt bottle and sends it to the washing area. The part is washed with peroxide hydrogen. The original part is made from milled polyamide, replacement the destroyed one takes 3 months due to ordering from the third-party company. During this time, the production line fully stops: the company doesn’t get enough sales volume and suffers losses.

The part printed on Anisoprint Composer reduced production downtime from 3 months to 6 hours. It was made from resistant to peroxide plastic, PETG, reinforced with continuous carbon fiber through anisoprinting technology. Due to peroxide resistance clevis’ lifetime has raised.

The technology allows using any plastic as a matrix, so it’s possible to get composites with continuous fibers with the chemical properties you need for your purposes.

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