Anisoprint connects the world of 3D printing with the world of high performance fiber reinforced plastics


Introducing continuous fibers into plastic makes it 15-20 times stronger and stiffer. It becomes even stronger than aerospace aluminum.


The solution is based on the FDM technology modification, the easiest and most affordable 3D printing technology. The equipment is 100 times cheaper than SLS.


Use different fibers and plastic. Create parts with optimal shape and complex fiber layup which are impossible to manufacture using existing technologies


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Affordable, flexible and handy carbon fiber
3D printer for stainless steel strong prints

Composer A4


Existing 3D printing technologies are rather expensive or not applicable for functional parts production. Our technology is a revolutionary solution combining low equipment price typical for personal plastic printers with capability of producing high performance structural elements.

  • 15 times stronger than neat plastic
  • 7 times stronger than plastic compounds
  • 4 times lighter than titanium
Unlike traditional composite manufacturing technologies, there is no need in specialized tooling. The process is fully automated and do not require post-curing.

About Us

What’s that for? To extend the application of 3D printers from prototyping to real structural parts, having locally optimized geometries and material properties. The application for such technology is much wider than just making toys. You can print parts for your UAV drones, quadrocopters and robots, impellers, brackets, casing – whatever parts you can imagine (if not so big). You can print orthopedic insoles for your shoes, belt brackets, finally you can print a non-bending cover for your iPhone 6 Plus. And, later on, this can be a production technology for aerospace industry.

Fedor Antonov Anisoprint CEO

Imagine that you can create high performance part, such as used today in aircrafts and rockets just here, on your desk. You do not need expensive equipment or tooling, you do not need to produce hundreds of these parts to make this production efficient, and you do not need to be skilled manufacturing engineer. Fantastic? Yes. But now it becomes real. Our technology is one another step towards the arising new industrial revolution, which will move us away from the era of standardized mass production and reveal new horizons of human creativity.

Andrey Azarov Anisoprint CTO